MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH - 5:00 P.M. This faithful recreation of a 19th Century Museum and homage to the 20th century sideshow has closed its doors Behind the curtain awaits…Oddities and Gaffs, Freaks of Nature and Works of Man; Historically Important Museum and Sideshow Artifacts; Creative Taxidermy; Unique Art, Including Original Works By Richard Horne, Betsy the Chimp, Butterfly Wing Painting, and Others; Art and Artifacts of the Sideshow World, Including Abraham Lincoln’s Last Movement; Carnival Rides and Related Materials; Wax Figures; Circus Related Toys, Displays, Banners and Posters; Mourning Jewelry and Memorial Artwork; Museum, Circus, and Sideshow Related Photos and Paper Ephemera; Furniture and Fixtures, Including: Antique Farm Table, Antique Display Cases, Pedestals, More! FAKES, PHONEYS AND THE REAL THING

PREVIEW LOCATION: The American Dime Museum - 1808 Maryland Avenue - Baltimore, Maryland 21210

Preview Dates &Times: Friday, February 23rd 12:00 Noon through 5:00 p.m.; Saturday, February 24th 12:00 Noon through 5:00 p.m.; Sunday, February 25th 1:00 p.m. through 5:00 p.m.

Terms: 15% Buyer’s Premium, eBay Live purchasers will be charged 20% Buyer’s Premium. Visa & MC accepted. Absentee bids accepted with deposit. Dealers MUST bring copy of Sales Tax license or pay tax. Everything sold AS IS. No children

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Auction Listing Text

GIANT BALL OF STRING - Replica of Haussner's famous ball of string; approx. 4' diameter; EX. Est. 300-500

LIFE SIZE WAX HEAD - Probably Ernest Hemingway; implant beard; wig; damaged and repaired; F. Est. 50-100

LIFE-SIZE VINYL HEAD OF YOUNG BLACK MAN - Glass eyes and wig; EX. Est. 50-100

LIFE-SIZE VINYL HEAD - Unknown image with glass eyes and implanted hair; EX. Est. 50-100

WAX FOOD BACON & EGGS - Very realistic bacon and eggs with baked apple on glass plates; Dia.-7", VG. Est. 75-100

SHOWCASE - Oak and glass case; opens from rear; no back doors; 30" x 14" x 12", G. Est. 75-100

MEDICAL TORSO - Newer teaching torso, cast resin; approx. 20" tall; Est. 50-75

CURVED MIRROR - Early, some flaking, glass in wood frame; blemishes and scratches in glass; 27" x 43", G. Est. 100-150

DENTAL PRACTICE HEAD - Molded rubber; mouth can be set in different positions; teeth very worn; 8" x 13", VG. Est. 100-150

VIOLET RAY QUACKERY DEVICE - Cased with various accessories; case: 14" x 7" x 11", not working, G. Est. 50-75

SHOCK THERAPY QUACKERY DEVICE Shock therapy box, wet cell battery and mixed materials; battery box cracked; 7" x 7" x 8", VG. Est. 75-110

GHOST BOX - Wooden case contains two very large and heavy convex lenses with slide for projecting images; 20" x 20" x 10", EX. Est. 100-150

GIANT RAT TAXIDERMY - Taxidermied nutria; some hair loss; L-30", F. Est. 50-100

SHOWCASE - Free-standing contemporary jewelry-type case glass and laminated wood; no key; 20" x 20" x 60", EX. Est. 50-100

TWO-HEADED GOOSE TAXIDERMY - No feet; creative taxidermy; approx. 22" x 30", old example; feet missing; age worn; G. Est. 100-200

LARGE OVAL PLATFORM - Cloth covered wood; 32" X 48"; very worn; many tears; F. Est. 50-75

SOFT SCULPTURE ASTRONAUT- From wax museum; fabric; H-3'; needs cleaning; VG. Est. 50-75

BUG SPRAYER - Litho tin; pump sprayer with green glass container; L-38"; litho scratches; VG. Est. 25-50

TAXIDERMY - Mounted fish on driftwood; approx. H-20"; EX. Est. 25-50

COAT RACK MADE OF WELDED AUTO PARTS - Steel, tools, etc.; H-5 1/2'; VG. Est. 50-75

DOCTOR'S SKELETON - Hard plastic life-size jointed skeleton; no stand; EX. Est. 150-200

COCONUT LAMP - Made of coconut shells and fronds; no cord; missing pieces; H-15"; F. Est. 25-50

PAPIER MACHE SKULL AND BONES - Life-size; probably from Odd Fellows Hall; faded; VG. Est. 100-150

BUCK-TOOTHED DUCK - Duck with teeth; creative taxidermy with story; H-15"; VG. Est. 75-100

WEB WITH HEAD FORM - Natural web shrouds; small leather head on board; aged; board 14" x 16"; EX. Est. 75-100

TAXIDERMY - Pygmy anteater in glass dome; approx. L-12"; EX. Est. 75-100

LARGE TAXIDERMIED FISH - Probably drum; approx. L-5'; some damage to tail; G. Est. 50-75

CAROUSEL PANELS - (7) Lighted panels; wood and metal; each approx. 24" x 20"; repainted; missing mirrors; VG. Est. 500-700

WIG-WAG SIGNALS - Round black and white on handles; metal and wood; Dia.-16"; scratches and chips; G. Est. 25-50

SEA MONKEY ADULT EXAMPLE - Mixed media, strange creature created by Richard Horne; approx. L-22"; aged condition, VG. Est. 75-100

GIANT NICKEL - Cast plaster replica of buffalo coin; Dia.-19", EX. Est. 15-25

"WORLD OF WONDERS" SIGN - Acrylic on foam core; 24" x 30", EX. Est. 75-100

TYPEWRITER ART - Typed page leaves negative space depicting dancer, framed, 8" x 20", EX. Est. 50-75

CHIMPANZEE PAINTING BETSY THE CHIMP - Framed finger painting on paper by Betsy the Chimp from the Baltimore Zoo; with news story circa 1955; 16" x 20", EX. Est. 300-500

MONGOOSE AND COBRA TAXIDERMY - Large size older taxidermy; cobra approx. 20" tall; some repairs to snake, VG. Est. 100-150

LARGE DOME ON STAND - Very heavy glass dome, probably vacuum dome; on wooden stand; some residue on inner surface; Dome: H-30", Dia.-20"; EX. Est. 150-200

CASED GOLF BALL - Supposedly eaten by tiger, in glass box; aged; Box: 4" x 4" x 3", EX. Est. 75-100

PEDESTAL - Painted wood; wear and scratches. H-46", G. Est. 20-30

DOUBLE BODIED DUCK - In case with French backdrop; creative taxidermy by Mark Frierson; feather loss; case: 9" x 11", G. Est. 75-100

JACK-A-LOPE CREATIVE TAXIDERMY 1/2 Jack rabbit and 1/2 antelope; creative taxidermy; some hair loss; approx. 24" tall; G. Est. 50-75

CASTLE OF CORKS - Older curiosity; castle made of wine corks; 12" x 20" x 12", F. Est. 50-75

MATCHSTICK CAPITOL - Made entirely of matchsticks; sideshow piece from "World of Wonders" show with copy of provenance; very well traveled condition; some surface loss; G. Approx. 16" x 48", Est. 200-300

FLYING SQUIRREL TABLEAU - Evolutionary story; includes created creature (squirrel w/ wings) large actual flying squirrel and early print showing actual specimens by R. Horne; age worn; lg. squirrel: H-15", VG. Est. 150-200

PINE PEDESTAL WITH TURNED COLUMN - Some scratches; H-23", G. Est. 25-50

EGYPTIAN PEDESTAL - Decorated plater; H-24", EX. Est. 25-50

MAGICIANS BOX - Wood with inset mirrors; held small tricks; some paint loss; 12" x 12" x 14", VG. Est. 50-75

CASED MUMMY - Mixed media; crafted Egyptian type mummy from A. T. Jones Costumers of Baltimore, MD in oak and glass case on fancy base; one end open; top glass on case cracked; approx. 80" with case; EX. Est. 400-600

EGYPTIAN TEXTILE - Fabric figures herding geese; quilted earth-tone colors; wear to edges; 16" x 60", VG. Est. 50-75

MONKEY AUTOMATON ON PLATFORM - Important, large automaton moves eyes, head, and tail; right arm pivots; no motor; from Asbury Park; early 20th century; mohair, papier mache and steel frame construction; figure probably turned Hurdy Gurdy; mohair very worn; loose seems; papier mache rough; paint faded and worn; 6'tall with base; G. Est.1000-1200